Tudor Watches

Tudor Watches For The Budget Minded

If you appreciate the finer qualities of a Rolex watch then it won’t be hard to figure out why you are fond of Tudor watches. Tudor is the sister company of Rolex. Because they come from the same parent company, this watch has certain similarities. You cannot purchase a Tudor watch in the United States. This is how Rolex has managed to avoid competing against this other brand. You can easily purchase them with people who have owned them previously or on online replica shops. Tudor replica watches are made out of the same material and design as Rolex.

A major difference between Rolex and Tudor is that Tudor uses Swiss made ETA movement unlike the Valjoux movement use for Rolex. Tudor was made in order to cater to the world. Another major difference between these watches is the appearance and style that each projects. While Rolex perfectly exemplifies traditional watch, Tudor is one that clearly shows revolution. Tudor is showing a different style which is not found in the staid and pompous Rolex model line. It is common for Tudor watches to use cloth straps for the watch. Tudor also favours the use of titanium cases, vibrant colors and dials that does not really jive with the way that Tudor appear.

It is the desire of the Rolex owner to introduce a high profile watch that can be used by the average Joe. During the first stages of introducing the many styles of Tudor watches, the Rose emblem which was change to the Tudor shield because of its effeminate appearance in the 1960s. Remember that they were introducing a men’s line of watch hence the need to project a masculine style. Tudor watches like Rolex was sold keeping in mind such gender. Essentially you can consider your Rolex as Tudor and vice versa. As far as repair concerns go you can take a Tudor watch to a Rolex Service Center.

It is noticeable how watch lovers from the around the world has taken a fancy over Tudor watches, Rolex’s tudor-watches-2baby version. With Tudor’s cheaper price and a little change here and there you might just be getting a Rolex but an inexpensive one at that. The Tudor replica version of this watch is definitely cheaper than the real thing. Realizing the need to establish its own identity Tudor replica has started to design new pieces that will firmly solidify that this is a different watch from Rolex.

The first watches that were introduced in the market are the Tudor Oyster and Tudor Oyster Prince watches. Only high end department stores sold these watches. Thanks to enterprising individuals replica versions can be purchase even on the internet. You can easily view an online product catalogue and look over the different styles and designs of tudor watches that you wish to purchase. Read the details given by the seller. We cannot check for Original Oyster case with the Rolex crown symbol since we are not purchasing the authentic version. Authentic Tudor watches do not have a clearly visible back case to show the inner workings of the watch. Getting a small Tudor crest symbol can show your friends that you got the real deal. Do not mind the slight variation on the design of the Tudor replica because this is imitation watch.

It would be helpful if you can ask your supplier for a product warranty to ensure that the watch that you now own gets repaired once it breaks down. Some people are excited to own this “other Rolex” watch when it made its comeback in the United States this 2013.

Different Replica Tudor Watches:

- The Heritage Black Bay is inspired by a diver’s watch launched in 1954. It also uses the burgundy color that was made famous in the 70s. It is water resistant up to 660 feet below sea level

- Fastrider. Tudor’s tribute to Ducati, the motorcycle mogul. Tudor derived its inspiration from the world of motorcycle racing. This is why most of the design structure features allusions to motorcycle with its engine piston like mechanism. The strap is made from either leather or black fabric

- Pelagos. Second diving watch introduced by Tudor. It is water resistant up to 1,640 feet below sea level. This model comes with Titanium bracelet and spring loaded mechanism. This is an excellent tool for divers since it adjusts when divers ascends and descend. We could not say the same thing with your replica watch though.

- Claire De Rose. Tudor again use the rose symbol which this time aptly fits this watch for woman. This collection includes mother of pearl dials to celebrate femininity

- Heritage Advisor. Modern version of the old Tudor alarm watch. This is part of the Heritage collection

tudor watchesMany popular Tudor watches have replica versions available. Like its original copy, Tudor replica watch carries an air of sophistication and class which is the reason why even Nobleman cannot easily detect the difference among the fake and the real. Many watch collectors often start to focus more on collecting this watch rather than the more expensive Rolex replica. If you get lucky you might find a Rolex watch carrying the same price as this watch but then again it won’t be the same since Rolex projects a more formal watch when compared to the laid back classy style of replica Tudor watches.

The Chronograph Collection features a similar beat like the beating of your heart. It perfectly exemplifies the merging of function with style. The price range for this watches runs into several thousands of dollars while its replica costs only a few hundreds. Even the ladies would be glad to see that they are included in Tudor’s plan of expanding its wings to include the feminine gender. This is clearly seen when Tudor introduce the Archeo collection. It shows a rectangular face and black Arabic dial. Tudor’s Classical collection pays tribute to the traditional pieces that make Rolex famous. An original watch like this only cost less than $3,000. If this will wipe out your savings then better settle one of the many available replica tudor watches instead, which can cost less than $400.